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Student Housing Rentals: A Strong Investment Sector

As real estate values in almost all asset classes have risen, most notably in the case of the market-rate, multi-family sector, properties in the student housing class have become more attractive for investment. Student housing has been garnering attention as an investment class over the last decade and is now a firmly established class. This distinct housing type generally offers investors several advantages:
  1. Property managers can charge higher rents for units in student housing markets than for market rate apartments, resulting in higher yields and CAP rates
  2. Student housing has weathered economic downturns well, for example, in 2009 enrollment went up when unemployed returned to college seeking educational advancement
  3. College enrollment continues to expand even as most colleges do not provide enough housing to meet enrollment at current levels
  4. Institutional investors have made and continue to make large allocations into the student housing sector in recent years, suggesting the strength and durability of the asset class.

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